Ebony 4

adultdvdparadise November 4, 2022

#Ebony Vol. 4. Scene 1- Sunshine Haddah and Shaundam: Shaundam finds himself drinking trying to think where he can find him, a Big Booty slut. After drifting to and calling on the Booty Gods his wish might just come true.. Scene 2- Charlie Rae and Shaundam: Charlie Rae and Shaundam leave to AVN Expo to grab a bite to eat but there was no food on this menu.. Scene 3- Lyric Sky and Shaundam: Shaundam had a special surprise for Lyric this Valentines Day, It wasn’t your traditional box of chocolate but instead he got creative and gave her some Boxers Of Chocolate (Dick that is)!. Scene 4- Kandie Monae and Shaundam: There was an assignment given in art class and Kandie decides to partner up with one of the other male students whom was much older then her. Shaundam met her at her apartment and they started working, but soon after they attention was no longer focused on school!.