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Melanie Hicks in Fucking My Step Son’s Bully

Melanie Hicks in Fucking My Step Son’s Bully

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Melanie Hicks in Fucking My Step Son’s Bully. Sucking Off Step Sons Bully. My step-mom, Melanie, just walked into my bedroom and she asked me what happened to me. I confessed to her that one of the guys who lives down the block beat me up the other day. I told her that we ended up getting in a fight, because he said that my step-mom was a slut! I look Melanie up and down, and I notice that shes only wearing a bathrobe that exposes her cleavage. My step-mom throws on a tight, red dress and she walks down the street to Lukes house. She knocks on the door and she tells Luke that shes Roccos step-mom. My step-mom ends up getting completely naked in front of Luke, and she negotiates a way for Luke to stop beating me up. Melanie puts Lukes cock in her mouth and she starts to give him a blowjob. She keeps sucking his cock until he cums inside of her mouth. I hope Luke stops beating me up now!. Paying Off Step Sons Bully With My Ass-. My step-mom walks back over to my bully Lukes house, and this time she is wearing a little black dress. She doesnt have any underwear on, since she is going to pay my bully for the debt that I owe him! Luke asks her if he can use all of her holes today, because that will start to pay off my debt. Melanie agrees to give up her ass to my bully! But first, she sucks his cock to get him hard. Then she bends over on the couch and Luke shoves his cock in her pussy from behind first. After a few minutes, he shoves his cock deep in her ass hole. She flips over into the missionary position and he fucks her ass and pussy back and forth some more! Then he tells her that he wants to fuck her in my bed next time. Using Step Sons Bed To Fuck His Bully-. Melanie is lying down on my bed, wearing hot pink shoes and matching lingerie. Luke walks into my house a few moments later, and he meets Melanie in my bedroom. He tells her to pull her panties off, and he starts to fuck her while she calls me on the phone! She calls me to tell me that she is currently paying off my debt. She hangs up the phone and my bully keeps fucking her ass and pussy in the missionary position. She flips over into the doggystyle position, and then she rides his cock up and down. She gets back into the missionary position and Luke fucks her ass and pussy back and forth, until he gets close to cumming. Then he jerks his cock off in her mouth and all over her face!. Anal Sex With Sons Bully and His Step Mom-. Luke walks into his step-moms bedroom and he finds both Melanie and his step-mom, Cory, naked on the bed! He is ready to fuck both of them in their ass holes! Cory bends over first, and he shoves his hard cock deep inside of her. He wants to fuck Melanies ass next, while Melanie plays with Corys pussy. Cory and Melanie both get into the doggystyle position and Luke goes back and forth between Cory and Melanies ass and pussy. He keeps switching back and forth between their tight holes, until he gets close to cumming. My bully jerks his cock off into Melanies mouth and all over her face!.