Chloe, The Blaze

Chloe, The Blaze

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Chloe, The Blaze
At 28 years old, every aspect of Chlo’s life seems perfectly worked out: a solid relationship and a satisfying sex life, at least on the surface. Until an unexpected meeting with a perfect stranger leads to her very first orgasm, almost by accident. From then on, Chlo takes becomes aware of her sexual frustration and her everyday life is changed forever. What happens in the mind of a woman who has never come, when suddenly one day she discovers the meaning of pleasure?

Chlo can no longer do without it and decides to take her fantasies even further. Little by little she distances herself from her perfect relationship, launching into darker and darker experiences, until all her former beliefs are shattered. Between disturbing bisexual experiences where the bodies of men and women become indistinguishable and wild encounters in seedy places, Chlo gets off over and over and everything starts to explode.

A film of a great erotic by Ovidie that breaks with the codes of pornography and offers us an intimate, truthful experience, in which everyone, man or woman, may see themselves.

Chloe, The Blaze | leche | sexy+sluts | chinese | slutwife | blow+jobs+videos | penis+sucking | euro | whores | dom

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