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Daddy Made A Mistake. Lisa (Lily Larimar) visits, looking for her mom, but her stepdad Dan (Ryan McLane) from whom she’s estranged is home alone instead. “Where’s mom?” “Oh, she’s just out and about”, Dan tells her. His behavior and excuses seem strange -what’s he hiding from the young woman?. Especially unsettling is that there’s no trace of mom or her belongings in the house, prompting Lisa to confront him: “Where is all of mom’s stuff?” And framed photos of Lisa have her crossed out with magic marker, “bitch” and “whore” scrawled over her face.. Dan finally admits that her mother left him, for good, weeks ago. Surprisingly she takes his side, sympathizing with her old man. He explains that his wife found old photos on his phone showing him making love to Lily, that he thought he’d long since deleted. They had a one-shot affair years ago, before he met and married her mother. Dan takes the blame for this “mistake” they’ve kept secret.. Lisa kisses him, declaring “I need you” -she’s secretly still in love with stepdaddy after all these years. Though he protests “We can’t do that”, he’s soon seduced by the youngster’s beauty and empathy.. Their combined passion knows no bounds: with deep throat, frottage and finally a money shot on her posterior.. But a nagging feeling remains: is stepdaddy up to no good? Or is this a case of “Gone Girl”? Or maybe, just maybe, the two of them have recognize true love at last. Watch the story unfold…

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