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Femorg: Hands On Orgasms 13

Femorg: Hands On Orgasms 13

59 mins.May 14, 2013
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Femorg: Hands On Orgasms 13. Wow! And now we’re making it a “baker’s dozen” on our hands on orgasms titles! Our thirteenth title features six gorgeous women having nine Hands On Orgasms! This HD movie features Layla Pink, Sophia Moroe, Eva May, Jessica-Lo, Lola-Marie and Barbie Stroker could almost be dubbed “The Real MILF Special”!. Lovely, petite, blonde MILF Layla Pink is the first up to experience the hands on treatment with the cameraman. She is lying on the bed, slightly propped up on pillows, wearing a rich pink lingerie set. He notes she has quite sensitive nipples as he buzzes the black baton vibe on her breasts through the fabric. He moves the toy across her lower body, and then just has to get her naked. The panties and the lingerie top come off and as Layla Pink sits up, we can see that she is truly one hot MILF showing her small, natural, perky breasts, stretch marks and cesarean scar. He wastes no time getting the toy going on her clit. Layla Pink also has nice, large and prominent fleshy pussy lips. She quickly reaches a state close to ecstasy as he works the toy on her pussy. He pauses the action to stim her nips again, saying that he doesn’t want her to cum too quickly. She says, “I want to though”. He gets the toy back down on her clitoris, while his other hand is perched on her very inner thigh. Layla Pink is moaning and gasping as the toy goes around in tight circles on her hard clitoris. Her hips are rising and falling as she quivers and whimpers. She bites her bottom lip, then gasps some more. He continues working the toy as Layla Pink suggests he move it up a bit higher. He applies saliva to the toy for lubricant and kicks up the power. Layla Pink is in ecstasy. She arches her back, a tremendous sex flush spreads across her chest, neck and face and her legs quiver as she cums – very hard. He gently strokes her breasts, tummy and pussy as she calms down after that one. She tells him she wants his cock in her pussy …. Sophia Moroe is a mature (thirty something), large-breasted, and hairy Eastern European brunette. She is lying on the bed in black and grey animal print bra and panties. They start with her panties pulled to the side, and then he asks her to take them off so that he can work the baton vibe on her pussy. Sophia has a rather prominent clitoris and she lies back, with her eyes open, as he works the toy around on her pussy. As she gets closer, she says in her sort of Russian accent, “Almost there. On clitoris more.” He says, “That’s not a problem.” Right after that, she starts to moan and ah. Then she says, “Ahhh, cumming.” And it’s a nice long orgasm. He doesn’t let her stimulation end, and she asks him to turn the vibe down to keep going, and she says, “Oh. That’s very sensual.” After the first orgasm, he continues to stimulate her rather prominent clit with the baton vibe. He strokes the outside of her pussy with the toy, and then moves in more firmly on her clit. Sophia’s hips begin to buck as he works the toy around on her clit … serious camel toe, too. Her contractions are faint and deep, but they’re there!. Thirty-eight year-old, French MILF, Eva May is next. She’s a well maintained brunette, and as the cameraman points out, she has very colorful, large and gorgeous pussy lips. I’m not sure Eva knows what to do with a compliment like that. She is naked as he works the baton vibe on her pierced clitoris, which is accented with a faint, tight cropped Brazilian airstrip. Eva May lies back to enjoy the stimulation, and occasionally she can’t help herself but giggle as she is a bit nervous. When he finds a good spot Eva says she’s “… not going to move. I’m going to keep quiet.” But, she can’t help to inquire about whether or not the toy has enough batteries. He applies a bit more saliva to her clitoris and increases the power of the toy. He continues to stimulate and play with her, slowly, slowly, getting her more and more aroused. He compliments her on her “beautiful clit” as it becomes more prominent and he once more increases the power of the toy. Eva May’s hips begin to rock. We hear her pant, whimper and moan as she throws her head back – and she cums hard. She massages her clit with her hand to get the most out of that orgasm. He says, “Oh that was nice. That didn’t take long!” Her labia are nicely engorged.. Next we enjoy twenty-one year-old, co-ed, Jessica-Lo is receiving the hands on treatment in close-up view. She is wearing bright blue cotton panties and black thigh-high stockings. He is playing with her through her panties first – and she is gasping because she likes it so much. It’s not too long before he announces, “Panties off time!” and he gets his fingers inside of her. We can just see those nice natural breasts in the top of the frame and watch her nipples perk up as she gets more and more aroused. Jessica keeps her hips a-rockin’ as he finger fucks her while simultaneously pressing the baton vibe very firmly around and around on her clit. And she just goes on and on! When he takes his fingers out, in this closer view, we can really appreciate just how wet Jessica’s pussy is! And of course, so does he! Her pussy is nice, pink, dripping and swollen. Jessica is just dripping with clear juices. One orgasm isn’t quite enough for this fuzz-covered all natural babe, though.. Lola-Marie is a mocha-skinned twenty-eight year-old bespectacled beauty receiving the hands on treatment. She is wearing purple panties and a yellow tank top. She is curious about the name of the black baton vibe, aka, the mini wanachi. He notices her nipples through the yellow top, saying, “Nice boobs.” And then he has her take off her “beautiful purple panties”. He works with vibe on the clitoris, while she holds her pussy lips wide apart, watching what he is doing to her. Lola-Marie gasps, lifting her hips and starts to cum, with a nice series of strong contractions, saying, “Oh my god!” He notes, “Wow! You came quick.” and her hands and feet are clam-y. She says it felt really nice – like a firework! But, she’s not finished, yet! And he keeps playing with her with the baton vibe. Lola-Marie opens her mouth to gasp, then a second time and then she is cumming once more, lifting her feet up and off the bed as she does! She says, “That’s crazy. Oh wow! That was really effective.” And of course he notices her erect nipples, through the tank top, again. He massages her inner thigh.. The well maintained and mature sexy lady Barbie Stroker is in for hands on attention. Brunette Barbie is wearing purple lingerie, including purple thigh-highs with leopard bands. The cameraman loves her purple undies and let’s Barbie know as much. They are using the magic wand, first slowly as a warm-up through those sexy purple panties which almost instantly has Barbie rocking her hips, moaning and hissing, “Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Oh. Mmmmm. Yeah.” It’s not long until the panties come off and she is in ecstasy as he continues to work the toy on her pussy. She is squirming from the toy so much so that he actually kneels on the bed to place the toy on her. Barbie says “Oh fuck!” and she’s literally sideways on the bed cumming from the powerful toy – after which she’s extremely sensitive..