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Hairy Student Bodies. Grass grows longer, softer and much thicker in Japan. It grows particularly well when surrounding a moist, young J-vag excreting its potent organic fertilizer. The brush is free to sprout and thoroughly cover the surrounding area… Girls eventually learn the art of weed whacking, but as young students J-chicks are bred to leave their fields unplowed, lush and very rich.. Mao Miyazaki is young and definitely a little dumb. She is a student and is only 19, yet has had at least 15 guys already; most of which were guys her friends also slept with. This chick is easy and all it takes is a little kiss in her ear to get her moaning and her panties soaking too. Her breasts are firm, yet soft, and her 2 very pointy, light-brown nipple tips stand firm at attention. The hair around her slushy fuck hole is plush and abundant, as the sap coming from her pink flower glistens like morning frost on a Hokkaido prairie. She has fat fleshy cunt lips that display a starving desire for stimulation. A large scale high tech J-vibe get her insides flowing and her hips and stomach thrusting. He quiets her with a cock down her throat and a brief round of 69, before she starts screaming again, and a stiff J-blade machetes its way through the forage and deep inside her inner canal. He rips through her for a long while, before finally dumping his thick fertilizer just on the inside edge of her special Kobe beef curtains. It comes spilling out, watering the grass and draining to her anus. She falls a while the camera is still rolling.. Airi Nakajima is all natural and very cute. She is wearing her schoolgirl dress to a hotel where she comes for her very first video shoot. Her skin is white and soft and her body is small and tight. She is wearing a white bra and white panties too, along with her standard issue knee high school socks. Her tits are small and soft; perfect hand full models with with pinkish brown stubby nipple tips attached. Her J-piece resembles a slice of fatty tuna sushi, surrounded with a soft coating of long haired Japanese seaweed. Slush builds up inside her, as her J-clit doubles in size and her thick J-lips open wide to allow the sprinkling of her J-juices on the hairy prairie. She kneels down and inhales some no-handed hog deep inside her mouth. She stares at him and into the camera too, as they do the 69 and he steamrolls his way through her grassy field, penetrating her puss y. Her tiny tits shake and spin as he strokes away at her from on top, below and behind too. Her skinny frame handles the pounding well, before her left tit and nipple become the landing ground for a chubby load. The two shower and wash each other. She’s never been washed before and loves the feeling of our guy washing her fuzzy jungle.. Yuna Hirose is a waitress when she isn’t in school. She claims she has only had sex with two guys but we are highly suspicious of that info. This kind of chick has had a lot of sex and when we hand her a red pocket rocket vibrator she knows exactly what to do with it. She pulls away her bright white panties and burrows through the roughage, eventually uncovering her clit and dark vaginal lips. She works the area over and leaves evidence of the pillage with stray pubic hairs all over the sheets. She has big tits for a J-babe, with the left measuring in slightly larger than the right. They are firm and stacked and her fuck slice is soft and wet. Her juices slush around inside her before her fuzzy J-box sucks up his knob and fucks it hard. Her big boobies shake and spin as he plunges her in and out. He leaves her with a sticky one that drains and drips out of he r fleshy flower, through the foliage and into her anus. She showers and pays careful attention to washing out all the sticky stuff off of her mane.. Nana Kurosaki is still in school. She is young and cute with a baby face and shiny hair. She has big boobs and buck teeth..

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