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Mother-Son Secrets 9

26 mins.May 06, 2013
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Mother-Son Secrets #9. Who knew that getting a hand stuck in the garbage disposal could lead to such an erotic situation? Levi did, and boy does he “Cash” in!. THIS IS A WICKED TALE OF A STEP-MOTHER WHO USES HER OWN STEPSON AS A PAWN IN HER BUSINESS LIFE. HANDING HIM OUT FOR SEXUAL FAVORS TO KEEP HER MATURE FEMALE EXECUTIVES SATISFIED AND REWARDED FOR THEIR HARD WORK!. When Lilian was invited to Ms. West’s home for drinks after work, she never expected what was coming. Lilian had been recently promoted to a new executive position with Ms. West’s company and this might be a kind of orientation ritual that they go through. Well, at least she had the bosses’ ear for a bit and could discuss new ideas and such. Ms. West had a very different idea for the night.. She invites Lilian in then has Jimmy, her stepson, pour them drinks, as they sit quietly talking about her promotion. “We need to be sure you have no distractions in your life. That you are fully satisfied in every aspect, so you can concentrate on work,” Ms. West says, as the conversation takes a very unexpected turn. “Am I understanding what you are saying?” Lilian asks. “Powerful businessmen do it all the time. As powerful businesswomen, we should be able to do what we want also,” Ms. West responds, then slowly leads her to the bedroom.. Lilian nervously sits next to her boss. As Ms. West calls in the young man she says, “I think you will enjoy the perks of being on my executive team.” It’s all Ms. West has to say as she directs her subordinate to start enjoying what has been put before her.. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT IS A VERY HOT OLDER WOMAN / YOUNGER MAN THREE-WAY THAT IS SURE TO SATISFY ANYONE! IT ENDS IN A YOUTHFUL EXPLOSION OF SEED AND MOTHER SENDING HER USED STEP-SON OFF TO FINISH HIS HOMEWORK..