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Obsessions Vol. 7. Nikita always curious about new experiences proposes to her husband Rico Simmons to organize a life-size role-playing game. An adventure which would occur at the moment when she does not expect it… Nikita and Doryann challenge each other all evening, the sexual tension rises between the two but they will have to wait for the departure of their friends to find themselves and give in to all their desires… Lying on the couch of her favorite psychologist, Nikita confides with modesty about her job as a porn star. After some relaxation exercises, Nikita dozes off and erotic dreams come to her. Her fantasies come to life and Nikita has no desire to wake up because everything seems so real. Nikita decides to start a new concept with her friends: to do cam in a more relaxed way! The idea is to receive his friends around a game of questions / answers facing the Internet users..

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