Official Halloween Parody

Official Halloween Parody

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The night he came!

Even Haddonfield, Illinois has never seen evil quite this twisted! When Michael Myers breaks out of the Shady Knobs Asylum where he’s been locked up for years for murdering his slutty sister, Dr. Loomis becomes so obsessed with the unleashed evil that he gets himself into a sexual frenzy which gorgeous latex-clad Nurse Marion is only too happy to indulge. Meanwhile, Michael is headed straight for Haddonfield where nerdy Laurie Strode is busy defending her virginity against her whorish neighbors Lynda, Annie, and Bob. Zeroing in on these wanton losers, Michael takes on various Halloween disguises to get in some serious action with his famously huge schlong – but climaxes are not enough to quench his taste! By the time Laurie goes to investigate, she is horrified at the trail of bodies she finds, and finds herself face to face with Michael! Laurie tries everything to defend herself, but it’s Dr. Loomis who finishes the job, leaving him finally satisfied that the evil is gone. But is it?
“This was my first feature for Zero Tolerance and my first horror parody. I had a blast making this movie and running around the set screaming being chased by a crazy man with a knife. I also played a very naive, sweet girl which was a bit of a different role for me. In my sex scene I had to start out very sweet but as the scene went on I became crazier and crazier and then…I can’t tell you what happens after that – you’ll have to watch it.” -Chanel Preston on her experience in Official Halloween Parody from Zero Tolerance Entertainment

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