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Triple X Files 10: Memories

Triple X Files 10: Memories

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Triple X Files 10: Memories. A voluptuous barmaid is treated to a demonstration of the skills of a group of extremely well proportioned musketeers in “All for One”. A coven of witches observes a couple through their crystal ball with the intention of attracting the male and subjecting him to the perversions of the Witch’s Sabbath in “Gang Witches”. A nymphomaniac tries to control her libido by working out on the static bicycle, yet the pressure of the hart seat between her legs gets her so horny that she has to satiate her lust with a couple of timely voyeurs in “Riding to Heaven”. While taking a stroll through the woods a young girls comes across a couple having sex, then her boyfriend turns up to stimulate her voyeuristic instincts in “Biology Lesson”. In the X-File “Memories”, an ex combat pilot remembers a very high flight in the company of two beautiful women soldiers who decide to satisfy his sexual appetites..

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