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Playtime. Synopsis:Lauren Phillips and her stepdaughter, Aria Carson, come home after a day out. Aria is outraged to have seen a parent spanking her youth, while Lauren feels that there is nothing wrong with it. Aria, realizing that neither one of them has ever been spanked/spanked anyone, suggests that Lauren spank HER. Lauren spanks Aria once and they’re BOTH taken aback by the sensation. Lauren continues spanking Aria, both of them getting caught up in the moment as the tingling heat becomes more and more intense Sheena Ryder is just about to have an online meeting when her stepdaughter, Khloe Kapri, enters the room. Khloe whines about wanting playtime, though Sheena assures her that they’ll have playtime after her meeting. Minutes later, she’s startled when Khloe appears behind her. Sheena realizes that she’s NOT going to get any work done and leaves the call. As soon as Sheena gives in, Khloe excitedly brings her face close to Sheena’s pussy! Silvia Saige pays a visit to her stepdaughter, Haley Reed. Haley is a new parent and tells Silvia that, although she loves being a parent, she hasn’t felt sexy since giving birth. Silvia tells Haley that these are normal feelings to have, though she insists Haley is still a STUNNING woman. Haley is inconsolable… which leads to Silvia resorting to drastic measures: coming onto her own stepdaughter to PROVE Haley is still desirable!.