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Contractual Spanking

Contractual Spanking

13 mins.Jan 02, 2022
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Contractual Spanking. Lynn Casey takes a warehouse job and unfortunately for her, the Boss believes in corporal punishment. What’s worse is that a new union contract was signed for better pay, though the contract also has provisions for reasonable spankings. It’s not too long before Lynn is getting her butt busted by the Boss for goofing off in the warehouse, in fact she was prodding other workers with the forklift.. Lynn is given a good dose of the hand on her covered bottom and then in a teeny tiny thong. Her round ass is then given an ample dose of the Boss’s belt. It’s not over for her though as she find herself getting those cheeks of hers lit up by two leather straps. I guess we’ll have to keep on wondering when Lynn will ever learn?.