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Femorg: Eva May

Femorg: Eva May

40 mins.May 14, 2013
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Femorg: Eva May. Eva May is one hot, thirty-eight year-old, brunette, MILF! She’s taken excellent care of her toned and curvy figure. She looks super sexy in nice lingerie, and she keeps a tiny little Brazilian airstrip on her nice, lippy and orgasmic pussy. And we just love her sexy, sultry, french accent!. When we first meet Eva May she is lounging on a black sheet clad bed wearing black satin shiny pants and a grey tank top. She is meeting the magic wand, first while clothed, becoming intimate with it’s sensations, speeds and settings – it feels good with her pants on still! Eva lifts her tank top to reveal a pretty white and black striped bra and it’s not long before the satiny pants are off to reveal the sexy matching panties. Eva May sticks her hand down her panties, copping a nice feel before fondling her very large breasts and nipples. The pretty bra comes off. The toy comes on and is placed on her pussy on top of the panties. Eva grins. She pulls her panties between her labia folds, then takes off the panties to show off her brazilian pussy hair style and pierced clitoris. Eva bites her bottom lip and she works the toy all over her pussy. She props herself up against the headboard and really presses firmly with the toy. When she kicks the magic wand up to high power she is immediately hissing, whimpering and moaning, throwing her head back. She lets out a long moan and starts to cum. We see a couple of contractions just before she closes her thighs, but she opens her legs wide again, so we get to see her finish that orgasm with a few more contractions. Eva is quite giggly after that. And she spreads her swollen pussy lips wide as she fondles her breasts and takes a few moments to recover from her introduction to the magic wand.. Eva May is wearing a dark peach colored skirt and white silk blouse for the second scene. Her pink and white striped panties are visible beneath the hiked skirt. She kneels on the bed with her skirt up, touching herself, then she lifts the silk blouse, to fondle her large breasts. Eva May lifts the top over her head and pulls the bra straps down to show off her large, firm and enhanced breasts before taking off the bra completely. She pulls the panties into a bunch between her labia (she seems to like this), then lies back to play with her pussy some more. She pulls off the pretty panties and takes off the skirt so that she is now completely naked. The toy of choice for Eva May this time is the heart shaped vibrator. It takes Eva May a few minutes of finger warms up and adjustments to get the toy just the way she likes it, but once she does, she throws her head back onto the pillows and curls upward enjoying a nice orgasm. And Eva May is all giggles and smiles after that one, too! She seems like a genuinely happy, pleasant person.. Wearing absolutely nothing except black laced spiked heel boots, Eva May is seated in the orgasm chair and armed with the black baton vibe. She fires up the buzzer, but decides a bit of lube might be nice asking, “Is that what I do? I just do whatever.” She applies the lube, then begins working the baton vibe up and down on her clitoris. With her legs spread wide and pussy lips spread wide, Eva May works the toy in small, tight, circles all around on her clitoris. She increases the intensity of the toy little by little. She starts to pant. She starts to gasp. Her bottom starts to twitch and her legs start to shake. She increases the intensity of the toy once more and is quite pleasantly surprised with an, “Ohhh!” (giggle, giggle) and shortly thereafter, Eva May is moaning and cumming again – with a nice series of contractions all down and around her perineum. She is giggly once more and quite pleased with herself.. For the next scene, we hear the cameraman introducing Eva May and letting us know she is going to receive the hands on treatment. The cameraman notes that she has the “most gorgeous, large, dark coloured, pussy lips.” And she does! He starts out slowly buzzing her clitoris with the baton vibe, then he lets his “other” hand and finger do a little wandering around her perineum. He pulls back on her clit piercing, working the baton in circles on her clitoris. She lies back comfortably saying, “I won’t move.” (giggle, giggle, giggle). She wonders if there’s enough battery power in the toy as he continues to stimulate her. He increases the power of the toy, applying a bit of his saliva to her clit. He continues to stimulate and play with her, slowly, slowly, getting her more and more aroused. He compliments her on her “beautiful clit” as it becomes more prominent and he once more increases the power of the toy. Eva May’s hips begin to rock. We hear her pant, whimper and moan as she throws her head back – and she cums hard. She massages her clit with her hand to get the most out of that orgasm. He says, “Oh, that was nice. That didn’t take long!” Her labia are nicely engorged..