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Hollywood Nights/Malibu Canyon Nights

Hollywood Nights/Malibu Canyon Nights

1 hrs. 48 mins.Oct 27, 1998
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Double Feature DVD!!. Hollywood Nights. Hollywood is where dreams are made and models are discovered. These bountiful babes are your fantasy dreamgirls, teasing and pleasing you in several erotic interludes. All top names in the nude modeling field, this assortment of super-stars are sure to set your heart aflutter as they prance and pose for our cameras.. Malibu Canyon Nights. You can hear it echoing through the canyon…the clink of martini glasses, the shimmering of nylons sliding down the impossibly long legs, and the seductive giggling of starlets, as the beautiful people of Malibu Canyon get ready for a night of hot tubbing and clubbing. Join in..