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Holy Body Starring Laurie Larson

Holy Body Starring Laurie Larson

35 mins.Nov 07, 2014
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Holy Body Starring Laurie Larson. The opening scene is a reminder of a well-known film, with a great music. Laurie Larson in lingerie is sensually undressing and swaying hips while Bertrand is taking advantage to watch her and take some photos. After realizing what he is doing, she will voluntarily ignore him and then suddenly catch him to play with him.. Laurie Larson is perfect for this scene and you can see that she has been practicing dance for years. She’s stroking her muscular body, especially the buttocks, thighs and calves with great sensuality and flexibility. If you like nice and strong calves you will like it.. In this exciting scene, she’s looking at the camera while touching herself. Laurie Larson is tall and gorgeous. She is very sexy with tremendous amount of muscle due to her size. She’s massive and her muscles are covering the whole 16/9 screen. Her beautiful rounded buttocks are hard and she’s moving them nicely, her breasts are like shells. Little by little, she will apply on her victim face sittings and deep breast smothering with hard tits, choking him completely. She will him and crushes him, making him scream with pain.. With each hold, we can feel great strength and power. And there are a lot of them: scissors, reverse, sleepers, head locks, full nelsons, figures4, grapevines where she’s showing her powerful biceps, and foot domination. Each time she will tease him “do you like that?” Strength and sensuality are the two magical words of this video, and our voyeur will remember it for a long time!.