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Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 4

Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 4

31 mins.May 06, 2013
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My Son Come Home. Scene 1:. Jodi knows it’s bad news when her stepson calls and tells her he lost his job and needs a place to stay for a while. She knows that they can’t fall back into the forbidden tryst they were in before he left. “Things are going to have to be different this time” she tells him on the phone. The house key is where it always is, so he can let himself in. She heads off to work with a heavy heart… she knows she has made a poor decision allowing him under the same roof as her and his father.. When he arrives at the end of the day, she lays down the law to Peter. Things WILL be different! But her Stepson is having nothing of it. From the first time he sees Mother, his seductive ways begin again. She insists on them NOT going back into their affair. “We almost ripped this family apart!”. The next day, as Jodi is getting ready for a night out with her friends, she needs Peter’s help reaching something in the kitchen. When she slips, and falls into his arms, she becomes weak to his advances. Soon, they are both losing what little discretion they had left.. The twisted tale continues as the Mother – Stepson relationship moves to a taboo love making session. The seduction is overpowering as they fall for both of their advances. The passion is so great that no one can tell who is really the hunter and who is the prey in this forbidden taboo story.. Scene 2:. As Mother walks past her stepson’s open bedroom door, her shopping bags crinkle, full of her new purchases. Junior calls her in and asks what she has. “Oh, I just got a few items for my weekend with your father. She replies, looking into the small bag.. “Can you try them on for me?” her stepson asks, not knowing fully what he is in store for. When Mother returns in one of the skimpy outfits, Junior is surprised and shocked. “Oh! Those kinds of outfits!” He sounds, shocked at Mother’s sleek figure plainly visible through the sheer material.. “I need to try to re-spark some things in your father, do you think these will help?” Mother continues her fashion show, and her stepson can’t help but catch glances of her naked body as she slips into these revealing outfits. Mother doesn’t even realize what she is doing to him!. “I am going to need help with this one” Mother says as Junior helps her tie the dainty ribbon into a bow… but things are taking over the young man… soon his hands can’t stop themselves! Soon his hands are undressing her, instead of covering her up and things have gotten WAY out of control!. Mother knows this is very wrong! She did not expect this, or want this. If she had only kept this seductive lingerie to herself. But it’s too late now, and her stepson’s large cock is deep in her, pumping with a young man’s fury!. When the fever subsides, and their lust is quenched, Mother tells Junior “Now let’s clean this up”, his seed still covering her backside. “And let’s not tell a soul about this!”.