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Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 7

Memoirs Of Bad Mommies 7

33 mins.May 06, 2013
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The Graduation Gift. SCENE ONE. Its a big day for a Jodi and Frankie. The young man has turned 18 and has just graduated and Jodi wants him to know how well he is doing.. Jodi has a couple of surprises for him as a reward! The first is a cake, her son’s favorite kind. The next is a little awkward. Jodi tells her son that she knows he has been watching her take baths and showers. In fact, she has seen him masturbating to her naked figure. She lets her son know that that type of behavior is perfectly natural for a young man, and that he shouldn’t be ashamed.. But there is an even bigger surprise that she has for him. A secret that she has been keeping, and when she tells him, her son does not even know what to say! Jodi tells Frankie that he is actually adopted, and that it is okay for them to move the relationship in a more passionate direction. Jodi then stands up, opens her dress and drops it to the ground, and in just her panties, kisses the young man and says she is his graduation gift!. Jodi has him lower his pants, and takes his penis in her mouth. Her expert lips brings the member to full hardness in just moments. When he is ready for the next step, she lays down and has him lower himself into her! His large cock spreads Jodi’s pussy wide as he thrusts deep into her. Jodi can’t help but cum over and over on his thick meat.. She turns over and has him take her from behind. Her perfect ass slides up and down on his long shaft, and as she is about to orgasm again, the young man’s penis erupts in stream after stream of semen all over her ass and back. … But Jodi is not finished…. She has seen that his young, viral cock stays hard after he cums, and after kissing him for encouragement, Jodi has him place his penis back inside her! His cock slides in still wet with seed as he fucks her more, and she uses him solely for her enjoyment. He grabs her ass, which is still soaked and covered with cum from the previous ejaculation, when she explodes on his dick. Her pussy juices mixing with his semen as his jizzim still covers her back and ass…. When they are both are spent, they lay down together, ready for where this new relationship is going to take them.. SCENE TWO. Jodi West as you have never seen her before. As a SMOKING, DRINKING, VERY BAD AUNT!. His Aunt Jodi was a lot of things, but Peter never thought of her as very naughty. So when his favorite Aunt invites him over for dinner and desert, he thinks nothing of it. But after dinner, when she comes out in a skimpy negligee, smoking a cigarette and drinking, Peter is shocked. He has never seen her like this before. Trying to excuse himself, she stops him and reminds him that it would be rude to leave and he needed to stay for desert. Soon she is asking him very inappropriate questions about his girlfriend and telling stories of her indiscretions when she was his age.. But the corruption of this young man has just started! Feeding him his Uncles whiskey, she is soon manipulating her way into his pants through aggressive seduction! Peter has no choice but to give in and soon his Very Bad Aunt is tutoring him on the ways of pleasing a woman and what to expect in reward!.