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Mother-Son Secrets 10

Mother-Son Secrets 10

28 mins.May 06, 2013
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Stretching Mom!. Scene one starring Jodi West and Peter DelMar, directed by Jay West.. IT’S BEEN A YEAR SINCE HER HUSBAND HAS DIED. NOW THAT SHE IS ENTERING THE DATING SCENE AGAIN, MOTHER MUST TURN TO HER STEP-SON TO HELP HER GET HER PRIVATE AREAS READY FOR SEX AGAIN. THIS IS EASILY ONE OF OUR MOST TABOO TALES OF MISGUIDED PARENTING!. Mother is finally getting out of her black clothes. She has been in mourning for a year now, and the time has come to get on with her life. Her stepson has been watching her struggle with his father’s demise, and then she finally summons the strength to get over the decedent and re-enter the dating scene. He is very excited when he sees her in something other than mourning black. After Mother changes into a bright red dress, she looks at herself in the mirror. It is almost startling to see her in this color, but it is time. When Peter enters the room, he is very surprised, but Mother needs a very special favor. Mother sits him down and discusses the problem.. “I am afraid that if my date sees me in discomfort, he is not going to want to have sex with me,” mother confides in her stepson. Peter finds out that his father was not very well endowed, and that she needs a very different kind of help. When mother tells him that she needs to use his penis to stretch out her private parts, he is shocked. He finds out there is no way she could get caught in one of those adult shops, and this is the only reasonable way!. Mother convinces him this is right, and after using her mouth to get the young man very hard, she lowers her tight pussy slowly down on his huge cock! Mother winces with discomfort at first, but knows this is best for her. As she changes positions, the discomfort goes away. The sensation quickly turns to pleasure! My goodness, how a big cock feels good in her tight vagina! Has she been missing this all along?! THIS STORY IS ONE OF THE MOST TWISTED TALES OF MISGUIDED TABOO PASSIONS WE HAVE EVER PORTRAYED. WATCH AS STEPSON HELPS MOTHER IN “STRETCHING MOM!”. Scene two starring Jodi West, Jeannie Lou and Frankie Vegas.. A MOTHER AND HER DAUGHTER MANIPULATE A WAY TO GET HER DAUGHTER PREGNANT WITH SIMILAR DNA TO HER NEW HUSBAND’S… BY USING HER OWN STEP-SON’S SEMEN! A VERY TABOO STORY INVOLVING THREE GENERATIONS OF FAMILY MEMBERS!. Jodi sits with her mother drinking coffee in the late morning. It was another disappointing night last night as Jodi and her husband have been trying to get pregnant. “If he’s busting blanks, then there is nothing you can do with him,” Jodi’s mother says as they finish their drinks. Jodi and her most recent husband have tried just about everything, and it’s getting frustrating as there has been no success. “Well, he’s a good man, I’m sure he will take care of me even without a baby,” Jodi says, confident in her relationship. “You have to lock that down, for the money, by having his baby” her mother keeps saying. But what can she do? Any manipulation would be detected by Jodi’s husband, and they are trying almost TOO much. “I have an idea,” Jodi’s mother replies, “and it’s a way to get virtually the same DNA as your husband. He will never know.” Jodi’s mother goes on to explain that if she used his son’s younger, stronger sperm, it would get her pregnant.. “What? Use Frankie JR’s sperm?!” Jodi responds. The thought of it was almost unimaginable. She had always had a thing for Frankie JR’s youthful masculinity. And she had caught him looking at her once or twice with thoughts that you should not have towards your new mother. “He is in his bedroom now getting ready for work, let’s get this done as soon as possible,” Jodi’s mother says as she takes her daughter’s hand and leads her back.. Frankie is in his room getting ready for his day as a valet parking cars. His step-mother and grandmother enter the room. When they tell him what he needs to do to make the family happy, he is SHOCKED. The two older ladies know that they need to just take charge and make him do it. Before he can object too much, his step mother is undressing him and getting his cock hard, while his grandmother is guiding it into her daughter’s pussy! It doesn’t take long for Frankie to lose control of his youthful seed and starts to pull it out and spray it on his mother’s back. “No, inside!” Jodi yells as grandmother makes sure to replace his young cock back into his mother’s pussy and deposit the rest of his semen deep into her womb! They send the young man off to work. “How long do I have to stay like this?” Jodi asks, holding the young man’s jizz deep in her vagina. “Until your husband gets home,” her mother responds.” You will have his father fuck you once he gets home from work in a few minutes, while his son’s sperm is still fresh in you. He will never know that he is not the father of the new baby!”. ONE OF MY MOST TWISTED FAMILY FANTASY SCENARIOS TO DATE, AND MY FIRST INVOLVING THREE GENERATIONS OF FAMILY MEMBERS!.