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Sexy Thoughts

Sexy Thoughts

1 hrs. 25 mins.Apr 15, 1999
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Sexy Thoughts. Michael Trimmer is an average guy with a good, but sexually stunted, life. While he and his wife, Alice, are driving home from the grocery store, he spots a newly built peep show in his neighborhood. He quickly idealizes that this could very well be his ticket to Sexual Nirvana.. Enter Dominque, the vivacious and sexy peep show starlet that excites Michael to no end. His voyeuristic sessions with her breathe new life into him and his wife’s lovemaking.. Soon strange things happen. Michael and Alice walk in on Alice’s sister, Naomi, in a truly decadent romp with her boyfriend Dennis, and to Michael’s surprise, his admiration and new found lust for Naomi are growing very strong. Then one afternoon, Michael catches Alice in a torrid session with her best friend, Carol, and the cable guy.. In a surprise climax, Michael makes “secret love” to the one woman who excites him more than any other. is it the traditional wife turned sex pot Alice, or the sex charged sister-in-law Naomi, or the mysterious and always lustful Dominique?. For the answer to this and other wayward questions, tune into the exploits of Michael Trimmer in the incredibly hip new movie Sexy Thoughts..