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From the #1 Hustler Joe Pusher!. Stephanie is a black chick from Orange County who is 20 years old and came to meet Joe for her first true audition. She pastes her big butt on Joe’s Lexus windshield, as she bends at the hips and sucks up his fat pipe on an industrial street they are parked on. She’s hungry to succeed and hits the pole hard, before getting out of the car and parking her ass on Joe’s cock right in the middle of the street. Joe fucks for a short bit, before pulling out and wadding up her entire face with his thick cum globs.. Black Cherry is from the south but now in LA and she is ready for the porn business. Joe discovered this newbie and she isn’t shy at all. What makes this sista sellable is her thick black ass. Her mouth is also big and opens wide enough for a huge dildo and Joe’s cock to enter. This chick is horny and dirty and enjoying her new adventure into porn. She eats her own pussy juice and fucks her own face, before getting herself to cum. This girl constantly needs something in her mouth and has an oral fixation.. Candy and Delicious are 2 sistas from Irvine. Candy is skinny, French and black. And Candy is black and white mixed and is as thick as they come. Together they look like spaghetti and 1 giant meatball with 2 massive jugs that flop nearly to her stomach. They came ready to audition for a job and quickly drop to their knees as they attack Joe’s dick. Delicious starts by taking big licks out of Joe’s bright white one, which almost looks small in comparison to Delicious’s giant body. Candy gets her turn on Joe’s, jacking his stump while Delicious slobbers all over it. She takes a little lick on his nuts, before Delicious takes over again, earning them both a shared face-full of cum.. London is originally from New York. She’s a struggling model who came for an audition and is determined to do a good job. She is dark chocolate with a pretty face and small titties. She likes to suck dick and she loves to get fucked up the ass. Her big lips surround Joe’s cock as she asks for a load in her mouth and earns one as Joe nuts directly in her mouth before she swallows every last drop.. Nicole is as black as they come, with a big fat ass and a huge gap between her two front teeth. This girl is a cock-sucking pro, the likes we have rarely seen before. She vacuum grabs Joe’s shlong and goes nuts on it with her mouth. Her thick black lips wrap up and destroy Joe’s knob and she’s pretty good and jerking hog, sucking nut and gobbling balls too. She takes a giant load of cum painted up and down her face and all over her hair too.. Joe’s in Vegas and he found a fat ass black girl named Cakes. She thinks she has the fattest booty around and we would have to agree. Her butt is of mammoth proportions and her tits are pretty ginormous as well. Her finger nails stretch for several inches each and come dangerously close to puncturing Joe’s main cock vein as she grabs hold of and sucks on it. Joe finishes off her audition with a large mouthful and a respectable sized wad that lands right under her left eye.. Janice Juicy is 21 and hails from Riverside. Her tits are totally real and very juicy as she offers Joe a feel and offers to suck his cock too. She has thick butt cheeks and a tight little anus which she jams a finger deep into. Her big tits hang as she crawls for some cock and inhales it in and out of her mouth. Janice really knows how to suck dick and uses her big boobies too to fuck Joe’s pole with. Her pussy’s tight but Joe squeezes in, as she slaps her big butt cheeks against his inner thighs. She switches positions and moves on top as she rides Joe like the Mexican rodeo with her big titties bouncing and slapping across her body. She talks dirty and cums over and over again before Joe paints her face with cum. She bubbles it and foams it in her mouth and it glows white against her pretty dark skin..

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