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Watch The Adventures Of Seymore Butts 1 Porn Online Free

The Adventures Of Seymore Butts 1

1 hrs. 50 mins.Apr 13, 2007
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The Adventures Of Seymore Butts 1The first video shot and directed by Seymore Butts who would go on to make some of the top selling gonzo porn over the next twenty years and get his own reality series on Showtime. In his own words, here is how it started….”You see, it’s like this – I’ve always had an obsession with butts! Maybe it’s because my name is Seymore Butts, and I come fro ma long line of Butts. Or maybe it’s because there’s nothing better than a butt. Or, maybe it’s because it’s more fun to watch a pretty girl walking away from me because then they can’t see me drooling. Yeah, I drool, and my dick gets hard, and I play with myself. And now, I’m going to give you the chance to drool and to get hard, and to play with yourself – because I found a video camera and I’m going to take you on an adventure in BUTTLAND!”