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Venus Films 110 – Wedding Night for Three

Venus Films 110 – Wedding Night for Three

11 mins.Sep 04, 2014
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Venus Films 110 – Wedding Night for Three. Number 110 from Venus Films. I will never forget my wedding night. When, as a completely radiant bride, in white dress with veil, I tripped down the steps of the church I had no idea that on my first night two penises would be erect and waiting for me. I don’t know but somehow or other I was ridden by – besides my husband- another devil, as I made the room waiter who was in the middle of our hot love-making brought us a platter of fruits chuck off his clothes and join us. The poor boy was so shy that to start with he only shoved a banana to and fro in my lascivious little hole– but then I was served by both cocks so beautifully, and I enticed their spurting fountains so marvellously that I had not since been able to get away from this lovely practice. A wedding night that I must urgently recommend to all..